A Buddha is a fully enlightened, awakened being of unlimited wisdom, compassion, and skill or power.

Many of us think that the Buddha or the Christ (if you prefer) is out there. We think she or he is a deity separate from us. But in reality…

YOU are the Buddha. You can't not be. We each were born as Buddhas. But in our journeys of life we often forget this.

Everything each of us needs to be our own buddha is within us right now. How can we begin to recognize this? How can we achieve such extraordinary transformation? Every moment of our lives, professional and personal, is an opportunity for profound change. In learning to know that we are each a buddha, we can live successfully in the world while uplifting our own and others' lives.

Buddhas in Business is a new approach for addressing the highest good and the highest purpose in the life of business and in the business of life.

May everyone attain their highest potential for the good of all!

This is the mission of Buddhas in Business.